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The Heal America Pledge

Only inspired people can inspire people. To heal America, I pledge to find inspiration from the following principles so I can inspire others to fight racial injustice with love and redemption:


Courage is going from the sidelines to the frontlines of social change. To heal America, we have the courage to unite across our lines of difference and get close enough to see, learn about, and confront real issues through the lens of those who personally experience them.


Justice is respecting the inherent dignity of each person by protecting their rights, equally. To heal America, we dedicate ourselves to remove every barrier that holds people back across racial lines. More justice for some people means more justice for all people.


Redemption is fiercely believing the future will be better than today. That each person is capable of transforming themselves. And that our country can self-correct and live up to its founding ideals of equal justice, inclusion, and empowerment. We hold those truths to be self-evident. To heal America, we aspire to live up to these ideals as individuals and as a country.


Love is believing there is good within every person. That belief is the only force powerful enough to overcome hate and injustice. To heal America, we commit to radical empathy, friendship, and understanding, as a means to make progress together.