Resources for healing racial trauma

Here are some of the resources that can help you as nonprofit and community leaders as you work toward healing racial trauma, preventing violence and solving these problems at their roots. 

Each of us can create positive change in our community. But none of us can do it alone – or without the right resources that allow us to work to bridge divides.  

We truly believe inspiring leaders in communities all over the country are uniquely poised as changemakers to solve our most pressing challenges. And while amazing work has been accomplished in communities across the country in removing legal, cultural, and social barriers to progress, there is still a lot more to do. 

Time and time again in recent years, this has been brought into sharp focus. 

Our Heal America partners are working to respond to tragic events with support, stories and tools to help with healing racial trauma, preventing violence and solving these problems at their roots.   

Here are some of the resources that can help you as nonprofit and community leaders: 

Policing-Specific Racial Trauma Healing Tools 

  • Memphis resident, Heal America Ambassador and Founder of Taking Action for Good Alice Marie Johnson speaks with cityCURRENT on her journey of working towards criminal justice reform and policing.  
  • ROCA, Inc. offers Rewire4 for Law Enforcement Training which covers trauma, cognitive behavioral theory, neuroplasticity, think-feel-do cycles and the cycle disruption skills of being present, labeling your feelings, flexing your thinking, and acting on values.
  • Ryan Tillman, Founder of Breaking Barriers United, is working to transform Law Enforcement, Business and Education through relationship building, coaching and mentoring, while healing racial trauma through restoring Love, Empathy and Respect into common practice. 

Solving the Problem at Roots

  • At Be the Bridge, Latasha Morrison and her team inspire people to have a distinctive and transformative response to racial division and to be present and intentional toward racial reconciliation. Through BTB Academy, an online learning platform, Latasha guides leaders and organizations to cultural competency through dynamic presentations, conscious-raising workshops and one-on-one coaching. 
  • LivingUNDIVIDED provides an opportunity for communities to become educated and engaged in the work of healing racial trauma and promoting justice in our country. Through a shared experience, these communities have been able to move forward feeling equipped + empowered with an aligned mission and vision. 

Healing Racial Trauma after Fracture

  • Millions of Conversations gives you the opportunity to learn from Samar Ali, the founder of Millions of Conversations on building community through listening, empathy, and exploring shared common values. Utilizing seven steps to sustainable peace, the Millions of Conversations model counters a cycle of hate which allows us to humanize and empathize with each other.

We hope you find these resources useful as conversations and community-led work continues to bridge divides.  

We encourage you to stay connected and invite others to join us as we Heal America together by addressing injustice with courage, love, and redemption. Commit to the pledge and encourage others to do so as well.